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Anonymous asked: Hi , Can I get a ship I'm 5'3 , i have mid length black hair, I'm black, I'm sporty , I'm a dancer, internet addict , I wear glasses , comic book and Pokemon lover and I'm British

i think you would look super cute with Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil xx

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Untitled on We Heart It.


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Anonymous asked: Do you guys even do imagines or like little stories? I remember when you used to do them! :C

We’re sorry, we’re having a rather busy time and I guess we’ve put this blog aside for quite some time. x

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GUYS I HAVE A GOOD IDEA (or I think so, maybe not IDK)

what if you help us ship people, like we post some discriptions we got in our ask box and than you comment with who you ship them with

Do you guys like it or not, please give us some feedback :)


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Anonymous asked: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

thank youuu<3 so are youu

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Anonymous asked: Are you still doing ships?

yeah we do, but we havee like so many in our ask box right now so im working on all of them :))

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Anonymous asked: Hai can i please have a ship ?I'm 5'3 i have blonde hair blue eyes. really pale lol. im awkward, shy, weird. i love scary stuff. i love heavy metal but i love pop too. thank you!! <333

I ship you with Christian


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Anonymous asked: Hi! Ship please? I am VERY short (though I prefer taller guys) and have long brown hair and green eyes. I have a thick accent that is a strange mix of American, Yorkshire, and Scottish. I am kind of shy, and tend to be a bit quiet. I am studying violin performance in uni. I love anything related to the arts, especially music (obviously) and theatre. I love little kids. My dream is to perform with the London symphony orchestra.

I ship you with Caspar


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